We just returned from Israel and did have a wonderful trip. The tour that Shimon gave to us was great. We were limited with time and hungry, because of our late arrival to meet Shimon. He was very flexible and accommodating to our needs. Everything worked out fine and we learned a lot about the old city.

– Beverly and Barry

Thank you so much for the tour and suggestions.


Thank you again Shimon, we had a most meaningful trip with your help. You did such a great job with the weather on Saturday however – the rain clouds scared us away from getting to the Dead Sea! Oh well, it has been a wonderful trip and thanks again.

– Lorraine L

Hi Shimon! Quite honestly, having you as our guide in Israel absolutely made the entire trip so memorable and so wonderful. I loved Jerusalem it was such a breath of fresh air after being in Jordan and I was stunned to find it was NOT a war-torn city in poverty.

I haven’t been on a huge amount of tours, but I’ve been on enough to know that you are certainly “a little more than a tour guide”. Your knowledge of the sights we saw and all the little tidbits you talked about along the way, well it was just fascinating. This is why you go on tours, to be educated and discover the history behind what you are seeing. But you never get that. So Shimon, be certain that your tours are one of a kind. Everything you did and all the stories you told were so much appreciated by me.

– Kate

Shalom, Shimon! It was a very distinct pleasure to meet and travel with you and also meet Ifat. Shimon, I have also taken the liberty of HIGHLY recommending you to our travel agent here in Boston who books many clients’ travel to Israel. It would give me great pleasure to stay in touch with you in the future, just to keep up with what’s going on in Israel from your perspective, so don’t hesitate to contact me. Stay well!

– Bruce

Dear Shimon,

I would like to thank you one more time for your professional and very dense introduction to 4000 years of human history. I have hardly ever experienced someone who was able to condense this long period of time, for which usually clever people study 4-6 years :-)), in such a way that even I understood the complexity and got stimulated to learn more about this fascinating city. With that in mind I wish you all the very best, keep your humor, continue enjoying what you do and you never know – we might meet one day again

– Schalom Z

Lovely to hear from you. I hope you are well. We had a wonderful time in Israel, and a lot of fun with you – thank you again! And yes, see you again one day, perhaps in Israel, perhaps some place else ; – )

– Karen

Dear Shimon, Thank you for today, it was perfect! Probably, you are the best guide in Israel :-).

– Natalie

Shimon, Thank you very much. We had a wonderful day. They loved your tour. Please stay in touch, perhaps a beer next time I am in Jerusalem.

– Len

Hello Shimon. I want to thank you for the great time I had with you in Jerusalem! I got a first impression of your beautiful country, the friendly people and the historical meaning of it.
I`m sure I will come back, there are still a lot of places left to discover.

– Stefanie K

We are all back at work in the USA after a truly memorable trip to Israel. Your tour to Masada and the Dead Sea was one of the highlights – we really appreciated your time and knowledge, and had a blast hanging out with you. If you have any pictures, maps, or information we’d love to check them out. I know you mentioned that you had a few things scanned – we would love to have a copy if possible. Thanks again for everything!

– Bill, Mollie, and Rob

I´m back home and work after Israel and Europe! 17 days travelling and now have to work to pay the Credit Card amount! hehe I want to thank you for your hospitality in your country!

– Renato and Marina

Thank you, again, for the excellent tour today. Mollie, Bill, and I all very much enjoyed our time with you. I’m going to keep your contact information. I hope to return in the next few years with my family and would love to use you again at that time.

– Rob L

Thank you for everything you made this trip for the two of us
Call if you make it to London!

– Martin T

Dear Shimon, It’s so great to hear from you! We remember you often and still repeat your jokes to each other. The Israel trip was very important to us both, and you truly made it amazing. I hope to see you again someday – please come to visit anytime!

– Dominick and Sasha

Just a short note to say thank you for the very interesting guide you gave us to Jerusalem when I was there the other week.

– Mike Caddy

Dear Shimon, Thank u so much for taking your time in giving us a tour in Jerusalem this week. We loved it. We enjoyed it. Loved the market and food too. We appreciate u and hope u visit is in Florida.

– Your friends, Ashchi family ” Baha

Thank you so much! We will pass your email address to any friends travelling to Jerusalem with great recommendations. Kind regards.

– Michael, Robyn, Danielle and Tom

Hi Shimon, It’s Rachel. Just to say “thank you” for giving us such a good time in Israel. I love the country and would like to come back sometime. We have come back to a very cold and grey England, we miss the warmth and sunshine and miss having you around! If ever you would like to come to visit England you would be very welcome to come and stay with us.

– Rachel

Thanks again for the memorable two days we spent with you. It was a real treat for us.

– Tom P.

Good meeting you and thank you again for the tour yesterday. Heather and I very much appreciated the detail, pace, and vast knowledge you shared. Please do let us know if you wind up in New York so we can cross paths. We would very much like to keep in touch. Thanks again.

– David M.

Thank you for the wonderful time that we had during our visit to Jerusalem. Having been away for six weeks we have just arrived to our own home in Australia, stay in touch…

– Ray and Isabel L

I wanted to thank you for a great day yesterday. We had the best time and you were so knowledgeable-it was such a privilege to be able to ask you all the questions that run through my mind. Yesterday was the first time I had heard much of the complete story of Israel–despite the fact that I have been to college. Interesting what we are taught. We raved and raved about you to our hotel concierge and will pass your name on to anyone we know visiting Jerusalem. Any other way we can help the business–please let me know.

– Kirsten

Sadly, we are now back in Russia, Spain and the UK. We enjoyed very much Jerusalem with you, learnt a lot and we all would love to go back at some point. We now know Israel is a fantastic country which has so much to offer. I hope this e-mail reaches you well and that your future plans and challenges are all a great success. Thank you very much for taking care of us so well when in your country, we really enjoyed your company.

– Monique, Peter & Arvor

Hi Shimon, I will pass along your details (and save them for my future reference).
Many thanks again. You really are most excellent!

– Blair

Thank you Shimon for your kind words and providing by far the highlight of our trip (other than seeing family). We just returned to NY a few hours ago. We truly look forward to future opportunities to tour with you. Your thoroughness, depth of knowledge and enthusiasm brought to life the ground we covered and gave us a great perspective of what we saw. More importantly, we really enjoyed spending the day with you. L’hitraot.

– Joe & Daisy

Dear Shimon, You did a wonderful job as a tour guide, and I told Yaffa so. Of course she has her regular people, but I hope she also uses you many times in the future. You might want to follow up with her from time to time just to touch base and remind her that you’re still around.

– Ken V

Thanks for the link. We loved the tour. You were so insightful and wonderful.
Hope the coffee came out of your shirt 😉

– Ellen

Thank you for the tour. It was much much more than I expected, and went far beyond a city tour. Your knowledge is extensive and impressive, and your willingness to share your inner feelings whether private or public made the experience truly unique. I hold many of the views you do on many of the issues we discussed. It was an intense few hours, and looking back, I realize how much new knowledge I have accumulated thanks to you.

– Peter N.

Dear Shimon, We really enjoyed the tour with you and are very grateful for all your help. The Kinnereth, Galilee and the Golan were all wonderful to see and your explanations were most informative. You are an excellent guide and a pretty good driver too. We wish you all the best in the future. Please give us a list of the places we visited so we don’t miss any of them in our diary.
Kind regards.

– Marilyn and Philip

Thank you very much for sharing your very profound culture of your country with me, Maria and Cristina. It was also beautiful to see a part of, this really to be proud, country.

– Mali T.

We had a wonderful time both days with you. Thank you educating us on your incredible city!

– Julia M

Thanks so much for the wonderful tour during our recent trip to Israel. We had a fabulous time, and learned so much from your insights and extraordinary knowledge of history, geography, art, architecture, archaeology, politics and much, much more.

– Evan

THANK YOU for a great day… See you upon my return. You are fantastic guy and I loved the conversation we had all day long in addition to a well-rounded tour.

– Mark

Thank you so much for touring us around Jerusalem today. We loved exploring with you and very much appreciated your kindness, enthusiasm and depth of knowledge! If you could send a list of the spots we visited today it would be most helpful. Also, thank you for the tips for the Dead Sea and Masada. We are ready to hit the open road tomorrow after the holocaust museum and a quick drop by the Dead Sea scrolls. All the best and many thanks again.

– Allison

It is great to hear from you. Derek and I left Tel Aviv on Monday and are spending a few days in Paris. We return to New York tomorrow. You made our trip to Jerusalem and Israel very special. We truly enjoyed ourselves and indeed laughed A LOT! You are a insightful, warm and attentive guide. A true Ambassador to Israel. Thank you for Derek’s birthday wishes and as you said, when we return to Israel we will definitely give you a call so we can get together, as friends!

– Tamara & Derek

We are back in LA going over our video. You are so good! You are a great guide. hope all is well with you. England was really fun too.

– J

Thank you Shimon. As usual you are an excellent guide 🙂

– Silvia

Theresa and I are in Tel Aviv. We are going to Neve Tzedek for dinner. We were just talking about what a great person you are. Thanks so much for your time.

– John and Theresa

We had a great time in Jerusalem (and all of Israel) and the tour was

– Jon